Water collection from Wallywash Great Pond

Recent trip to Wallywash Great Pond to collect ‘Month 2’ water samples – lake water, ground water & monthly rainfall


We went out 1st June to collect ‘Month 2’ water samples in St. Elizabeth, south coast of Jamaica as part of an ongoing collaborative NERC-funded Caribbean-wide research project involving partners from the University of the West Indies in Jamaica and the Universities of London, Nottingham and Cambridge in the UK.

Water samples are being collected every month from Wallywash Great Pond (lake water and ground water sources). We also have a water collector set up to collect monthly rainwater samples. All the samples will be analysed to get a better understanding of the sources of rainfall in this area.

Together with analyses on sediment cores recovered from Wallywash Great Pond the project aims to establish a better understanding of changing natural rainfall and drought patterns in Jamaica over the last 1000 years.

This month the winds were up so rowing was quite a challenge! Despite rains picking up in Kingston during May the water collector was quite low in St. Elizabeth – wonder what June will bring?

Get rowing Mike!
High tech field equipment!
High tech field equipment!
Resting inbetween rowing!
Suzanne resting in between rowing!