Happy New Year!

Happy New Year and a quick update on some of our recent activities!

Happy New Year!

Since August it has been crazy and although we have managed to post regular photos of field trips and topical posts on Facebook/Twitter have not managed to get any blog posts completed. Here are some of the things we have been up to!

New angle of research: Suzanne continues to work on her palaeoenvironmental research but has also become more involved with developing various coral reef projects in Jamaica including coral reef monitoring efforts. She is currently the Chairman of the University dive club and hopes to get more students trained as regular divers and involved in reef monitoring activities – here is to more diving in 2014!

Trip to UK: Mike headed back to the UK in October for a NERC-sponsored meeting at UCL, London with the research team. He also presented at the UCL Departmental Seminar series where his current work on drought records and hurricane activity in the Caribbean was extremely well received – nice work Mike!

Teaching: Since August 2013 Suzanne has been lecturing in the Department of Life Sciences, UWI Mona, Jamaica developing various courses (coral reef ecology, research and writing skills) and offering an interdisciplinary approach to the biologists!

Fieldwork in Jamaica: We continue to do the monthly trips to Wallywash Great Pond for lake water sampling and rainfall collection, and regular dive trips to Discovery Bay Marine Laboratory and Portland. We are looking forward to going out to the Manatee Bay, Hellshire next week with our new project student – blog & photos coming soon!

Watch this space for more research updates and output in 2014!

Mike and Suzanne

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